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Friday, November 17, 2017

Weekly Update - November 13 - 17

This information is also found in Walter's weekly email:

In math this week, we are having so much fun with place value Yahtzee. We are starting with 3 dice, and will continue over the next several weeks with 4 and even 5. We are also doing great work in our Singapore math books. Whole group lessons have included work in subtraction of higher numbers with renaming - always a tricky pickle.

We made such pretty thank you cards to our two very special master gardeners at the Friday Morning Meeting - I kind of hated to give them away! Special readers Miles and Nels did a fantastic job this week, and all of the children are continuing to make sweet illustrations in their poetry anthologies. Spelling and handwriting are coming along as well.

Valerie took some gorgeous close-up photos of the children this week as inspiration for a poetry project as part of our larger identity theme. We did some brainstorming of all of our body parts and why we love them.

On Friday, we made mini-pumpkin breads for your Thanksgiving table. They will be ready for you to take home next week. This was another opportunity for our class to combine with Grace’s at the end of the week - the children are really look forward to this with great anticipation, as do we two.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Reading at Home

Even though October's Read to Feed challenge is over, I hope your child continues their newfound enthusiasm for reading. It cannot be over-emphasized: Reading with your child is the number one indicator of how well you child will read. Here are some tips for reading at home:

Read to and with your child. Schedule a set time each day. While reading aloud, read with enthusiasm and pick books that are above their reading level, but within their comprehension level. 

Let your child pick material they are interested in. Encourage your child to start a collection of something, and then they can read up about their hobby. Perhaps your child likes to collect jokes or recipes – this will naturally lead to all sorts of reading opportunities.

Have books on CD
 in your home.

Help your child see reading is important. Set a good example for your children by reading newspapers, magazines and books. Model the enjoyment of reading. Show kids that there is a wealth of knowledge to be found – and when you read something interesting, share it with them.

Set up a reading area in your home, supplied with lots of books they will enjoy. Provide a large variety of all sorts of different types of reading material. Make a cozy corner - pillows, beanbags, or a window seat.

Change the location! Read on picnic blankets outside under the trees, drape blankets over tables and do a little flashlight reading. Today was a GREAT day for flashlight reading - dark and rainy! 

And, most importantly, restrict the amount of TV and computer screen time. I would recommend no more than 30 minutes of screen time per day (less is better).

Monday, November 13, 2017

Spelling - Go - Round

Spelling-Go-Round is the name given to an activity we do to practice spelling most Mondays. The name and idea was started by a former teacher at S-K many years ago, and I have used and tweaked it ever since. It is an example of multi-sensory instruction that reinforces language teaching in a really powerful way. Using large arm movements, pleasant sensory experiences, visual, physical, and auditory repetition – all help “lock in” tricky sight words. Plus, it is a lot of fun!

Here are a few pictures from this afternoon:

Some of the choices, ready to go
Write all of your words in shaving cream

Write each word on the chalkboard three times, with three different colors

Write each word in the air with your finger

Look up each word in the dictionary

Write each word on a white board

Make a word search using all of your words

Quiz your friends

Saturday, November 11, 2017

This (Short) Week in Review - November 8 - 10

This information found also in Walter's weekly update:

During our short three-day week we managed to fit in a lot of fun and learning. In math, we continued our fun work with 100-number mystery number puzzles, and attempted making our own for an additional challenge. The guess/digit/place game just got exponentially harder by going up to the thousands place.

We have a nice start with our memoir writer’s workshop pieces - after brainstorming lists of possible topics, we are now listing as many sensory memories surrounding that topic. Making several rough drafts and revisions will follow. We heard two delightful selections from our special readers of the week, August and Jackson, and recited/illustrated yet another poem from our poetry anthology - Hug o’War, by Shel Silverstein. We excitedly begin our new chapter book read-aloud, The BFG, by Roald Dahl.

On Friday, we generally gather with Grace’s class for some very sweet times. This week is no exception as we share some versions of the Stone Soup folktale and then make and eat vegetable soup together with the items brought in by the children.