Daily Schedule

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Homework for the Summer

Roll down a big hill
Paint rocks

Play flashlight tag

Roast marshmallows

Catch (and release) fireflies

Bake mud pies in the sun

Toss a Frisbee

Start a grass fight

Look under stones near a pond

Run through the sprinkler

Read bedtime stories in the hammock

Organize a crazy eights tournament

Make a daisy chain

Challenge friends to a watermelon seed spitting contest

Catch (and release) minnows

Jump rope with the hose stream

Work on your cartwheel
Take a walk in your pajamas

Have a great summer! 

Thursday, June 8, 2017

This Week in Review - June 5 - 9

                                          This information will also be found in Walter's Friday email:

In math this week, we read a probability mystery story called The Runaway Puppy. We also figured out the odds of getting a head full of confetti as we played egg roulette - it was a smash! Our final day of math will be all fun and games as we joined forces with Elaine's math group on Friday

Our final read-aloud for the year is a sweet one - Thimble Summer. This is a Newbery Award winner written a long time ago, in 1938. It has proven to be timeless, and I think the children are really enjoying it. They are listening to it while lying on pillows, some with eyes closed, letting their imaginations work creating images in their heads.

Catie came in for our final rain garden activity - we wrote and drew about our rain garden. Children demonstrated that they understood much about why this type of garden is important and how to take care of it. 

We put final touches on a lot of year-long projects - memory books, poetry anthologies, and portfolios. These all got sent home to be enjoyed, along with pillows sewn way back in September and book bundles to be enjoyed over the summer.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Thimble Summer - Our Final Chapter Book

June is often a time to circle back to revisit and reflect on a previous theme. This year is no exception, and so I chose as our final chapter book a lovely story that has a bit of magic woven in. At least, that is what the protagonist thinks is responsible for all the lovely things that are happening to her one interesting and exciting summer. Garnet finds a silver thimble in a dried-up riverbed and all of a sudden her luck begins to change and she has a a magic summer - her "thimble summer".

I wish all of your children a thimble summer too. And just to ensure that this happens, they all now have a special silver thimble too.

Friday, June 2, 2017

This Week in Review - May 29 - June 2

                                        This information also found in Walter's weekly email:

Our big event this week was, of course, the planting of our beautiful rain garden. What a joy to finally put in all the lovely plants that will help clean and filter the storm water before it goes on to the river. 

Here's our friend Catie teaching us about the plants that will go into the ground.

We also did some great science activities, both in the classroom, and at County Farm Park. In the classroom, we used the scientific method to do some tasty exploration surrounding popcorn, and will do an I-Spy nature hunt at the park on Friday. Math class was squealing with fun probability games of Pig - both the one and two dice versions. 

We are reading Julian's Glorious Summer this week - a shorter chapter book about one of our favorite characters - Julian, from The Stories Julian Tells. We are reading lots of stories about summertime adventures now. I hope to start a new one soon - and be able to finish it by the end of the year. This next one is called Thimble Summer.

Students worked on their final batch on memory pages for the year. Their memory books will be going home next week, along with lots of other things - get ready! Children are excitedly getting ready for their Latin play next week, on Thursday.